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July 11, 2014

I cleaned up the yard

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A big storm came thru the night before and dropped a couple of large branches on my front yard.  My son and I were dragging branches into the woods to clean up.  I let my son grab the last one and I started to collect the little branches that had collected in the ditch.  Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my left ankle and realized I was being stung.  I ran while checking myself for any other bees.  I looked back and saw a couple of hornets flying low to the ground at the spot where I had started to pick up the branches.  When I skooched over to look at the pile.  I saw this;


HornetsThat got me

It seems that I had picked up a branch with a 4 inch in diameter Bald Faced ring tailed Hornet’s nest on it.  My son was no help.  I spend the next 4 hours noticing that my ankle would alternate between itching, pain and feeling stiff in no particular order.  I remembered that people would pay money to treat their arthritis with bee stings.  I figured that if I had arthritis, then I would now be cured.

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