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March 10, 2014

Spring Fling 2014

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Come to Spring Fling  on Saturday May 3rd at the Cabin. Bud’s Collective will once again be back providing music at the George pavilion. Bring something for the raffle and something better for the Pot luck.  Currently we have scheduled 75 degrees and sunny.

November 7, 2012

iPhone Drama

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Laura has a new job where she cannot bring her iPhone into the building.  So when she leaves it in her car, she sets the locking pass code.  Yesterday, she must have fat fingered her pass code setting and she could not unlock her phone when she got back.   Laura was sad.  She could not make a phone call, she could not access her maps.   When she got home, she told me to fix it.  So I went to the internet.  It turns out that for iPhone Operating system 4, there was an unlock hack which could recover a pass code.  The problem was that Laura’s iPhone has version 5 which was much more secure.  The only option was to totally wipe out her phones memory to reset the Pin.  Then restore her phone from a backup.  There was a problem in that Laura had not done a sync for over a month.  She was sad.  So we went for it.  The next problem was that iTunes required that she upgrade her OS to version 6 which would disable her favorite mapping program Google Maps.  There was no way to keep Version 5.  Laura was more sad.   We wiped her phone.  Hooked it up to iTunes and it installed V6 ios.  Then I went to the restore options and discovered that the only backup on her laptop was from 6 months ago.  It seems that all the Syncs she had been doing for the last 5 months had been failing, but Laura hadn’t noticed.    Laura was even more sad.  So I restored that backup.    Her phone works now,  but none of her data files are up to date.

January 31, 2009

Brother Jim is Obtuse

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Well Brother Jim gave another lecture in August 2008 in Hawaii.  I found it by googling around.  Anyone who wants to comment on it should contact Jim.


Beyond Newton’s Method: Generalized Higher-Order Approximation Methods
James D. Turner

Finding the root of an equation f = 0 is a common problem in computational science and
engineering. Many line search and derivative-based methods are available. Newton s
derivative-based Method, discovered in 1669, takes a starting guess, uses first-order
derivative information, and iteratively refines a solution until a specified accuracy level is
achieved. Under well-know conditions Newton’s Method converges quadratically. Higher
order versions of Newton’s Method have been known since Halley’s discovery of a cubically
convergent version of the algorithm in 1694. Chebyshev extended Halley’s cubic algorithm
to vector-systems of equations. The classical higher-order algorithm derivation strategy
develops scalar algorithms and then proposes vector extensions. This paper presents a
three-part strategy for systematically developing and generalizing higher-order versions of
Newton’s method, without introducing ad hoc assumptions or approximations.
Computational differentiation tools are introduced for generating high-order partial
derivative models. New homotopy-based algorithms simultaneously generate differential
correction terms, as well as solution gradients. The solution gradients are exploited in an
analytic continuation version of Davidenko’s method, to provide high-order extrapolations
for the correction update term. Several numerical examples are presented to demonstrate
the effectiveness of these new methods. The resulting math models are compared with
Halley’s and Chebyshev’s algorithms. The proposed high-order successive approximation
strategies are expected to be broadly useful for knowledge discovery applications in science
and engineering where the underlying problems are fundamentally nonlinear.

The PDF form of the Abstract is -> Here


October 14, 2008

I heard a cry in the Night

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On OctoberFest weekend on Friday night, Laura had not arrived yet and I went to bed about midnight. The night was chilly and it took a while for me to get warm under the sleeping bag. So I was in a light sleep when I was awakened by a noise way out in the woods that sounded like someone yelling something. I tried to listen but started to fall back asleep when I heard a call that maybe was someone crying for help, but I wasn’t sure. I sat up and listened for a while but did not hear anything else. I laid down and kept listening more attentively. A minute or so later It came again. A childs cry from off in the woods saying “Help me“. This woke me up. I got up and while I was getting dressed he called again “I need Hel-l-l-p-p-p-p“. I got my shoes on and found my good flashlight and started walking down the path in the direction of the call. I figured it would be better to find out what the problem was quickly rather than wake up a bunch of people to go find a kid lost in the woods. I had my Cell phone to call for help if I needed to. As I hiked in the voices direction, he yelled some more “Somebody come help me“, this was in a very anguished voice. I yelled out into the night “Keep calm, I am coming“. I hiked on some more and came upon a tent that was lit up from the inside. I called out “I am here, what is wrong?” The kids voice yelled out “I need help, the zipper is stuck“. I went around to the other side of the tent and sure enough, the doors zipper was caught in the storm flap. I asked the kid, “I guess you need to go to the bathroom?”, “Yessss” said the kid. He was about 12 years old. It took me a while to unstick the zipper and open the tent door. I asked the boy if he had any other problems and he said no. I guess that his father was still hanging out around the camp fire. I hiked back to my tent, got undressed and it took a while to get warmed up in the sleeping bag so I could fall asleep.

September 7, 2008

The Boy Scouts are coming Sept 20 to the Cabin

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The Anna Clan is bringing a bunch of Scouts to the cabin the weekend of Sept 20-21. If you come to the cabin, act like a good scout.

My Nephiew Tony Got married

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On August 24 My nephew Tony got married at Annapolis. I took some Pictures. They are Here. Enjoy

July 15, 2008

We made snake babies

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About 2 months ago we found a brown snake in our front yard. After I let it poop on Eddie he decided that we needed to keep it. So we set it up in our terrarium and Laura and Eddie have been feeding it worms, but the snake stopped eating a week ago. Laura was sad because she thought the snake was sick. But it turns out that it was only morning sickness. This morning Laura found at least 3 more baby snakes in the terrarium. They are about 3 inches long and they like to hide under their mother.

7/23/08 Update… There are at least 6 Babie Snakes in the Terrarium now. They are about as thick as a pencil lead and Don’t make any noise.

Baby Brown Snake

Baby Brown Snake


More Baby Brown Snakes

Baby Brown Snakes in Tupperware

More Baby Brown Snakes

A Live Born Baby Brown Snake

Another Baby Brown Snake


July 1, 2008

The Fourth of July was on July 4th

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The North 60 hosted the 4orth on the 4th.  There was a crowd, the rain drove people under the Pole barn before it got dark, but the weather cooperated and and Foo Foo Fryday occured under pole barn.  Twas fun.

March 23, 2008

Nick Took Me for a Boat Ride

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For Spring Break the TurnerClan went to the Lake house. Many Lizards were caught.   We lasso’d a snake and I pulled it out of its hidie place.   Then I let it poop all over Ryan. Anna helped to lasso a different snake the next day but failed to get it to come out of its hole.

One day, Nick took Brenda for a ride in his jet boat. While they were using the Electric trolling motor, the steering mechanism for it went out.    Once they came in, Eddie and Zack got Nick to agree to take them for a boat ride.  Nick decided that I had to go along to help.  As we were launching, I got Laura to hop on for the ride.  As we are heading for the No Wake zone, Nick informs us that he does not have much gas so we have to keep the ride short.  His gage is showing empty as we head out into the lake.  So Nick does a couple of high speed circles and then shoves the throttle forward.  The boat starts to accellerate then BAM!!  The boat stops accelerating and the engine revs.  Nick plays with the shifting system but the boat does not want to go anywhere.  Nick mumbles something about a Shear Pen snapping.  After about 30 seconds  of playing with things, the Overheat alarm starts to go off and Nick Kills the engine.  I inform Laura that this is bad.   I dig out a Paddle and start waving at a boat that is about 500 yards away.  It ignores me and speeds away.  We are about a half mile away from the dock with a very light wind blowing us towards the dock.

Nick goes to the front of the boat and drops the electric trolling motor.  He lays on his stomache on the bow and  reaches down to grab the trolling motor.  He tells me to sit on the front seat and push the trolling motor throttle button.  It starts up and we move.  Nick adjusts the motor with his hands so that we are sort of heading for the dock.   Eddie and Zack keep asking when we will make it back to the Lake House.  I notice that our course is drifting away from the dock.  The drifting keeps getting worse and Nick seems to be just lying there staring at the water.  I let him know and he looks up and re-adjusts the motor with his hands and we start heading back to the dock.   After a while we start drifting again and I let him know once we start heading back into the lake.   A couple more repetitions of this and the trolling motor suddenly stops.  Nick pulls it out of the water and starts disassembling it using his Leatherman.  We are about 200 yards outside of the No Wake poles and the water is WAY too cold for Laura to get out and start pulling us towards shore.  We dug up 4 paddles and Zack, Laura, Eddie and I start paddling for the Dock while Nick tries to get the Electric Trolling motor working.  The wind helps a little while I worry that Zack or Eddie are going to drop a paddle and we will have to go after it.  Nick eventually gives up and takes a paddle and tries to order us around to make us paddle properly.  I ignore him and paddle the way that I want to.  We make it back to the Dock and celebrate that our ordeal is over.  Yeah!

February 4, 2008

Brender Broke

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Nick had a problem this morning. He heard a thumping about 6am and went to yell at Chris who wasn’t up yet. It was coming from the bathroom where Brenda was banging the trashcan on the floor because she was too weak to yell. And for some reason Brenda feels a need to lock the bathroom door at 6 in the morning. So anyway Nick has to go find the key to unlock the door and found her lying on the floor hugging the rug. According to the Appendicitis entry at Wikipedia, if she had an inflamed appendix which lies on the psoas muscle then the patient will lie with the right hip flexed for pain relief. She tells him to call 911. Nick takes her to the Hospital in one of his snow plow trucks with the lights flashing. The doctors there decide that she has broken her Appendix. So hers probably looked something like this. I don’t know much about what happened next but She underwent surgery and seems to have survived. She will be allowed to go home on Tuesday afternoon to experience all her post surgical pain. Nick has asked the Doctor to save the video of the operation. When he gets it, you will be able to watch it here. There is also a good chance that she will be able to take the little black piece of appendix finger home in a jar so they can display it over the new Television. That would be cool.

January 24, 2008

WinterFest 2008

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It is this Weekend, Jan 26th at the Cabin. Only a balmy low of 26 so the creek might freeze. Paul planned it but I don’t know if he will be there. So Far I have a confirmed Bill, Holly and Allen (Hangs out with Hollers). Bill might bring 2 others. Nick will pass thru, might stay. Big Ed has nothing better to do, but might not come anyway. I plan to sleep under the stars or at least a tarp, No Laura maybe no Eddie. Hoping for lots of Sno so I can try my Sno Fling. So Come hang out. Yo.

January 20, 2008

Eddie won 1st prize at the PineWood Derby

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Eddie, Laura and I worked very hard to win the Cubscout Wolves Pinewood derby race. I cut some wedges on the front of the car according to Eddies specification and some triangles on the back. I routed a hole to stick a Lego Star Wars Clone warrior to drive the car. I sanded the car and Laura and Eddie painted and stuck decals on it. I glued a Cub Scout patch in front of the Lego guy. Laura spent hours smoothing the wheel axles using the dremel and rouge polish. She rubbed graphite onto each axle and tested the spin of each wheel and rated the spins so that I would put the 2 that spun the best on the front of the car. I installed the wheels and axles so that all the wheels touched the ground at the same time and once everything was lined up, I locked the axles in place with a spot of epoxy. We got the weight to be just under the 5 oz by shaveing bits of lead from the weights and the official scales had to to re weigh us 3 times before they accepted the car. After all this work Eddie raced his car against other cars and proved that 4 other cars had worked even harder on making their cars faster than ours. Eddie’s car came in 5th out of 16. He was devastated. We told him that he would get a participation ribbon which he felt would not be as good as a trophy. Then came the “show” announcements. We did not pay much attention. They called the 3rd place, then the 2nd place. For First place, they called Eddie’s name. It was a big trophy. We had to keep telling him to go get it. Eddie did not understand that he could get a prize for best looking pinewood derby car. He did not get happy until they made him get up on stage with all the other winners with his trophy. He is trying to decide if he wants to go the regionals next month with his car. If he doesn’t get to race, he is not sure if he wants to go.

September 10, 2007

Boy Scout Weekend at the Cabin Sept 21-23

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Dear Cabin-Ites, I am posting this on behaf of Anna and Doug…

The Willards have invited Ryan and Eric’s Boy Scout troop to camp out at the cabin on Friday, Sept 21 – Sunday, Sept 23. They would appreciate it if 4 trackers rode away from the cabin area during that weekend. Theyplan on using the cabin area and having camp fires at night. The Boys Scouts have a no
alcohol and no smoking policy and we would appreciate your cooperation.
Please pass the word

Anna and Doug

July 12, 2007

New Power Line across the Pancos

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Mom Just received a letter from Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line Company which is informing us that they plan to put a NEW set of power line towers alongside the existing ones going across our property. You can look at the map at This link. The description page is at There is a possible alternative route which will go south of our property, but it is not the prefered route. They are planning to take a right of way of at least 150 ft wide next to the powerline. Like Ugg. They will be holding hearings on the proposed path until Next January. I guess then they will start building.

April 14, 2007

New TurnerClan Photo Gallery

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I just added a new Photo Gallery Software Package to the web site at TurnerClan Photo Gallery It allows me to use a web browser to upload pictures.

February 21, 2007

Spring Fling 2007 is Picked

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Spring Fling May 3rd – 7th
October fest Oct 4th – 8th

Some Lovely Girls Model the New Swing set.  [photopress:2007_Apr_Girls_on_DeerMorgueSwing.jpg,thumb,pp_empty]

Anyone wishing to contribute:

Time (game director, running games, Food organizer, phone call maker, Food setup and take down)
Money (towards awards for games, pinatas, candy, hamburgers and dogs and buns and condiments, other food stuff)

please contact Brenda Turner

Don’t forget to bring Raffle Stuff.

Nick is planning to replace the BBQ Grill using Cabin Money. I have suggested a normal sized grill and a big Charcoal Smoke

April 27: A new grill has been delivered to the cabin. A skinnie Steve J. Is modeling it


Willie Created the new Cabin Tree Mail Site [photopress:2007_Apr_New_Cabin_TreeMail.jpg,thumb,pp_empty]

February 16, 2007

Laura tried a Snow Board

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Apr 8 She is now walking on the foot while practicing her Limp.

Mar 2 Her Xray (After) I hope to get a better one later. I took this one with my cell phone from the Xray machine Monitor.


Feb 20 Her Leg [photopress:2007_Feb_LauraBrokeLeg.jpg,thumb,pp_empty]

Feb 17 2pm

We brought her home. Got a neighbor to help get her to the couch in the TV room. She is settled and doing drugs. She is not ready to climb stairs yet.

Feb 16 11:45pm

She got out of surgery and we met her upstairs at about 9:15. The Dr. said it went well with no problems. She is supposed to do some physical therapy and get some Crutch lessons tomorrow and they will let her go. And in about 6 weeks she will be fine again. Anna has pointed out that she will not be using the Dance Dance Revolution Nintendo game that I just got from Ebay for her.

Feb 16 3:45pm

Last fall, I bought a snow board that had a T-handle which steered the nose of the snow board. When Eddie and I tried it on the snowfall which just happened, we discovered that the nose tends to dig in and it makes you fall a lot. When we were done, we left it in the front yard and did other things. Yesterday, Laura came home before we did and went to put it away. While she was pushing it back to the garage, she decided to try it out. For some reason, she ended up breaking three bones in her ankle. She was not happy. I drove her to the hospital while she sort of screamed all the way there. She stayed the nite and the doctor is about to put a couple of plates and screws into her foot. She might come home tonite. We will see.

November 25, 2006

Zacary W is Sick

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Feb 18, 07


Jan 15,

Zack has gone back to school and is happily doing lots of homework
Dec 12,

Zack is at home and got to spend some time with his cousins on the weekend.

Dec 2,

Zack is out of ICU. Eating a little. Might go home next week. Getting Tutored at the Hospital.

Nov 29,

Zack is a little better, Fever is below 100 but is still in the ICU. Might get out in a week.

Anna’s and Doug’s son Zacary is VERY sick and is currently (As of Saturday Nov 25,2006) at Fairfax Hospital’s ICU. He has had a fever of 102-104 for the past week and blisters on his mouth and lips. They think that he has Stevens-Johnson Syndrome which is a very serious condition. Even if he starts to respond to the treatment, he will stay in the hospital for another 2 weeks. There is a PDF factsheet here. We can hope for the best.


September 26, 2006

Mom Checked In

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FYI, Mom has just checked into Fair Oaks hospital with blood clots in her lungs and leg. They will keep her for about a week while the pump blood thinners into her. She is currently very bored and expects to be very bored for the week. Her TV in the room does not have any sound.

She Checked out and is at home now.

August 14, 2006

Brother Jim did a Quaternion presentation

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Jim, My biggest brother, sent me a copy of a presentation that he planned to give to a bunch of Mentally Proficient people about a little mathematical trick he created which allows a computer to do a certain calculation hundreds or thousands of times quicker than using the normal way to do a Quaternion thingie. I have pasted the abstract of his presentation below so that everyone can review it and point out to him where he went wrong. Good luck.

An Object-Oriented Operator-Overloaded Quaternion Toolbox

By James D. Turner, Ph.D
Texas A&M University, Department of Aerospace Engineering, College Station Texas, 77843

Abstract Follows:
A Fortran 95 Object-Oriented Operator-Overloaded Toolbox is presented for automating engineering and scientific applications involving quaternion algebra. The Toolbox supports basic math operations (+,-,*,/,**), standard library functions (sin, asin, exp, ln,  .), linear equations, quadratic polynomials, and matrix-vector operations for solving linear matrix equations, matrix inversion, and eigenvalue/eigenvector operations. Extensive use is made operator-overloading and generic operators for automating the often tedious calculations required for manipulating quaternion objects. A further advantage of this approach is that conventional programming language constructs are used for developing math models, which reduces programming errors. Two strategies are presented for enabling matrix capabilities: (1) re-writing core algorithms to reflect the noncommunitive behavior of quaternions, and (2) mapping quaternion matrices to higher-dimensional complex-valued matrices. The aim of the package is to facilitate and encourage further research relying on quaternion algebraic computations for applications in dynamics, control, and optimization. Numerical examples are presented for demonstrating the basic computational capabilities of the software.


Go Jim.

If anyone has any corrections to the above or would like to read the whole presentation. Please let me know.

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