OctoberFest at the Cabin Happened on Columbus Day Weekend. And Things happened. The weather was great. The food was good. The mud pit got chewed up. But, There were some injuries.

First John, Friend of Kelly. Took a drunken 4Trak Ride at 5am up Funks. He was found about 7am wandering next to someone's tent. Below is what his shirt looked like after he got 18 stitches and broke 6 bones in his nose and eye sockets. When we found his 4Trak on Funks, it was in good shape except for the blood all over it. He had reconstructive surgery on Saturday Oct 16 at Fairfax hospital. When they went in, they found the damage was more extensive than expected and will have to have more surguries. He will have to drink his steaks thru a straw until Thanksgiving.

If you want to, you can send a card to 6918 Stoneybrooke Ln. Alexandria, Va 22306

Below is Bill (the one on the Ground), Brother of Laura, the one standing is his son, Paul. Bill was on his motorcycle when he collided with a 4trak. He broke his left Femur (Thigh Bone) the biggest bone in the body. They lifted his kneecap and drove a metal rod up his femur to hold the bones together. He will be on crutches for a while. At least he was wearing a helmet.

If you want you can send a card to 204 Cottonwood Dr. Barboursville, Va 22923

There was also a pumpkin carving injury in which a child stabbed herself in the arm with a carving knife. I did not get a picture of it but I have done an artists rendition of what it might have looked like after the incident.

A fourth injury occured when for some reason, pumpkin shrapnel started to fly around the cabin field. A witness to the event decided to catch a piece with her leg while she was under the pavilion. She allowed me to take a picture of her boo-boo the day after the mysterious event occured.


Last Updated on November 2, 2004